Project Goals

  1. Comfortable housing for up to 10 heavy breed chickens
  2. An attractive house that would look good in our garden landscape
  3. Minimal construction costs while still meeting other goals
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Front View

Side View

Floor Plan

Additional Details

  • Floor is divided in two and screwed in place to allow for removal and cleaning
  • Removable dropping board and roost
  • Viewing window, another feature that saves trips inside the coop

If We Could Do It Again...

  • The viewing window was centered on the wall, which limited the space for the nest box. I'd shift the window and have a bit larger nest. However, our hens seem very content with the communal arrangement, occasionally crowding in four abreast!

Project Costs

  • $600 Coop
  • $150 Pen
  • $150 Wiring for Electricity

The coop was built in 2005. Hardware such as latches and hinges were surprisingly expensive. The shiplap siding was purchased directly from a local mill, and was competitive in price with other siding options.

After four months of egg production, our cost per egg is about $1.75! While this figure will be lower over time as we repay our initial construction costs, it will remain hard to justify the expense based just on eggs. We see a lot of other benefits to this project:

  • The coop and the chickens add interest and life to our landscape.
  • A great family project.
  • A new connection with our food.
  • An increased commitment to humane food production.
  • Finally, the chickens are fun and make us laugh.

Printable PDF version of plans

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